Friday, February 17, 2012

Momma Called the Doctor and...

Post by Shannon

The truth is Daddy actually called the doctor, and the doctor didn't tell this little girl to stopping jumping on the bed. (I know, I've read that story WAY too many times!)

The doctor said she has an ear infection. 

She was complaining about her ear all day yesterday. I felt bad because she's usually happy and hardly ever gets sick. She used to get ear infections when she was a baby, but since she had tubes put in her ears, she's been a lot better.

So she went to the doctor yesterday with Daddy while I stayed home with the little sister.

The doctor looked at her ear, and she said, "All better now!"

She thought her ear was better because the doctor looked at it. :) I wish it was that easy! Well, at least now she thinks she's better!

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