Friday, February 24, 2012

When They're Happy, You're Happy

Post by Shannon

The truth is that when you're kids are happy, you are happy, and when they're sad, you are too.

This week our two little girls have been sick. It started at the beginning of the week when our 2 1/2 year old had an ear infection. She used to get ear infections a lot when she was a baby. She had tubes put in her ears just over a year ago. Since then she hasn't had an ear infection until now.

She has been getting worse as the week has gone on.

Meanwhile, our baby had her 6 month shots yesterday at the doctor. Since then, she's had a fever, runny nose and has not been happy.

So this morning, they were both very unhappy to say the least!

We went to the ear specialist this morning to see what was wrong with the big sister. We had to wait for 50 minutes to see him! Ahh! Luckily they had toys in the waiting room. So that made the big sister happy!

The doctor said she needed an antibiotic. We made a follow up appointment for two weeks.

I was also worried about her hearing. She hasn't been speaking clearly. This has been happening on and off. Her speech has been slurred. They are going to check her hearing when her infection goes away.

We went to my favorite chiropractor in Lehi on the way home. We only had to wait a couple minutes. It was awesome as usual! He took a look at the big sister. I didn't realize he could help kids with ear infections! He did an adjustment on her. He also helped me for my stomach and our baby for her stomach. It was great!

So anyway, I hope they start feeling better! It is definitely hard on the parents when your kids are sick!

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